Photos by Tyler Cleveland
Photos by Tyler Cleveland

Law enforcement officers are currently in a standoff with a Madison resident in the Cypress Lake subdivision.

Capt. Kevin Newman said that officers with the Madison Police Department were assisting a state agency in serving a court order to a resident in the Cypress Lake subdivision.

Newman said that the woman refused to answer the door. He said that the residence is right inside the entrance to the subdivision, the only way in or out, and that law enforcement has blocked the area off.

“In my experience after an hour or two people come to their senses and answer the door,” Newman said.

Newman said that they do not expect the woman to be armed or any imminent threat to officers.

He said that they are in direct contact with the homeowners association who is communicating with the other residents and keeping them informed as the situation develops.


Update: Madison Police say the situation has been resolved peacefully. There were no injuries. The neighborhood is now open.