RIDGELAND —  the Mayor Board of Aldermen approved a variety of budget amendments requested by the city’s first responders.

They approved a budget amendment decreasing the Court Services Fee Fund balance by $11,869.64 and increasing the Capital Machinery & Equipment fund account balance to $11,869.64 for two expenditures.

The first is the unexpected replacement of an air conditioning unit in the city prosecutor’s office in the court services building in the amount of $4,993.17.

 The second was a DVD video burner in the PD evidence room. The item had been on loan and finally gave out. A new one is expected to cost $6,876.47. 

Chief John Neil said that they had been anticipating this for a while and planned built the cost of a new one into last year’s budget, but never ended up spending the money.

“We have had a loaner for five years now,” Neil said.

Mayor Gene McGee said the items would not effect the final balance of the general fund.

Neil also accepted a donation form the Madison/Rankin County District Attorney's office in the amount of $2,495 for the purchase of Input-Ace video software. Chief Neal said it allows the conversion of proprietary video files to any standard output form such as AVI or MP4 without changing pixels within images.

“When we get, say, security footage from a business, it can come in any number of formats and this identifies the necessary player and lets us play it,” Neil said.

The police department also received $500 form the Shadowood/Wendover homeowners association. The funds were posited into the department's donations account and no specific expense was named as of Tuesday.

Fire Chief Matt Bailey asked that the board approve a donation his department received to buy new weight equipment for one of their fire stations.

“It is always good to get a donation,” McGee said.

In other action regarding first responders:

•    The board gave Chief Neal approval to pursue a municipal lease to purchase agreement for new sets of Motorola radios. He was working on finding financing for them.

•    Declared a 2011 and a 2013 Dodge Charger as surplus property to be sold for the Police Department

•    Declared two 2017 and two 2018 Harley Davidson FLHTP’s to be declared surplus property so that they could be returned to Harley Davidson pursuant to their lease agreement with the company.