Mr. Kevin Russell, Belhaven’s Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing and Mr. Jack Milne, Head of School at Jackson Academy signed a special memorandum of understanding this week, outlining the terms of a tuition exchange and scholarship program. 

"We are delighted to have entered into a reciprocal agreement with Belhaven University that makes obtaining an education at this fine institution more accessible for our graduates and staff children, and which will in turn encourage faculty and staff of Belhaven to strongly consider sending their children to Jackson Academy,” Milne said.

The tuition exchange agreement will cut costs for Jackson Academy graduates who become Belhaven students on the Jackson campus. In addition, Belhaven faculty and staff sending their children to Jackson Academy will see prices reduced as well.

“We are blessed to partner with one of the premier secondary schools in the state and Mid-South,” Russell said.  “Jackson Academy’s focus on family and faith are a perfect match with the core values of Belhaven University. We are also excited our partnership with JA will allow our faculty and staff to have an additional option for their children to receive an excellent education.”

Under the program, dependents of full-time faculty and staff of Belhaven’s main campus in Jackson who qualify for admission to Jackson Academy will be offered a 30 percent tuition discount. In exchange, Jackson Academy graduates will be offered a 40 percent tuition discount or scholarship. 

A similar agreement has been in place with Jackson Prep.