The Canton Public School District received a “D” overall accountability rating with three of its eight schools receiving “D” scores and one school falling, official results released by the state last week show.

School officials were unavailable for comment as of press time.

The district posted 72.6 percent graduation rate and a 52.9 percent post-secondary enrollment rate, both of which were below state standards.

The district is marked as being behind state standards in advanced course participation, math proficiency, English proficiency, US History proficiency and science proficiency.

They posted only 19.6 percent in college and career readiness, below the state average of 38.1 percent.

Nichols Middle School faired the worst in the district with an “F” rating lagging behind the struggling district and state average in almost every category coming in at 19.4 percent proficiency in math, 16.5 percent in English and 33.1 percent in science.

One factor may be a district high in students who are designated as “English learners” with a percentage of 26.9 percent compared to only 12.1 percent district-wide.

At the top of the chart are Jimmie M. Goodloe and Canton Elementary with “B” ratings. Canton Elementary also distinguishes itself as being one of the schools to benefit from the $33.5 million bond issue passed in March of 2015. 

The building was originally built in 1959 and was in serious need of an upgrade. The new one-story kindergarten through fifth-grade school will give students an environment that administrators said earlier this year is more conducive to learning when the school opened. Improvements were estimated to cost nearly $14 million. 

McNeal Elementary, Huey L. Porter Middle School and the Reuben B. Myers Canton School of Arts and Science all received “D” grades.

McNeal, built in 1952, was the other school to receive major improvements estimated to be about $11 million.

The school did report ahead of the curve growth in English at 63.4 percent overall, ahead of both district and state metrics.

Both Canton High School and Canton public 9th Grade School received “C’ grades.

Both schools reported growth in English and math outstripping state and district standards. The High School also has to contend with an unusually high English learner population of 43.8 percent compared to 12.1 percent in the district and 13.7 percent statewide.