Navy Lt. Kristi Esco
Navy Lt. Kristi Esco
NORFOLK, Va. – A 2006 Canton High School graduate and Canton native is serving at Navy Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command here.

Navy Lt. Kristi Esco is an action officer responsible for deployment management at ECRC. She assists sailors in deploying and re-deploying to the Navy African Command and Central Command. 

“I like being able to help and assist others in their missions and ensure they return home with limited stress,” Esco said.

While most members of the U.S. Navy conduct deployments at sea as part of U.S. Navy warship crews, each year thousands of sailors are called upon to conduct non-traditional deployments, often in austere locations outside the maritime environment, in support of military missions around the globe. The men and women of ECRC provide unparalleled support to these deploying sailors by ensuring each Sailor has the training, equipment and family support needed to succeed during their 12-month deployment. 

Esco credits success in the Navy to many of the lessons learned in Canton. 

“My parents taught me to follow my dreams and be courageous,” Esco said. “When I was enrolled in JROTC in high school, my leaders taught me perseverance and leadership skills. I brought these intangibles with me and they have helped me succeed in the Navy.” 

Esco has military ties with family members who have previously served and is honored to carry on the family tradition. 

"My grandfather was in the Army during WWII and my uncle was in the Army during Vietnam,” Esco said. “From family and mentors, I learned early in life what it means to live a life of service and to live to provide service. It is so gratifying to carry on the family tradition and see the intricate pieces to a puzzle come together.”

“It’s an honor to lead a group of sailors so dedicated to supporting approximately 7,000 of their fellow shipmates who are called upon annually to serve their country in deployment locations that are unique for the Navy,” said Capt. Matthew Jackson, commanding officer of ECRC. “From the moment those sailors receive their deployment orders, until they return and are reunited with their families - Esco, and my entire team here at Expeditionary Combat Readiness Command, are committed to making sure each sailor has everything they need to be successful no matter the duties they’re asked to perform, or the overseas location at which they’re asked to serve.”

“Serving in the Navy means a chance to serve my country and be an ambassador to the world, while fighting for freedom and learning so much about cultures and values from an inspired, diverse population of sailors,” Esco added.