Madison County Election Commissioners said on Wednesday that they will be looking for three new polling places for the 2019 county and statewide elections after receiving news from three local churches that no longer wish to serve in that capacity. 

District 2 Election Commissioner Julia Hodges told fellow commissioners she received a letter from First Baptist Church of Madison asking to no longer be used as a polling place.

Hodges said prior to First Baptist Madison, the polling place was at First Methodist, who at the time requested they not be used. 

“I asked the City of Madison if we can go into the (Madison Square Center for the Arts,” she said. “It looks like hopefully that will work out.”

She said that won’t be a permanent fix though, because of the city’s desire to develop a downtown square at some point. 

“In the future it will leave another problem,” she said. 

District 1 Election Commissioner Timothy Jenkins said they also received a letter from Grace Crossing Baptist Church on Yandell Road with the same request because of construction plans for the new year. 

“It turns out Highland Chapel doesn’t want to be a polling place either,” Hodges added, saying that will be an easier fix because they can send voters to Parkway Pentecostal. 

“We’ve got three precincts that will no longer be precincts next year,” she said. 

New voter registration cards will be sent out in 2019, and election commissioners urged voters to pay attention to the cards to find their new polling station. 

Some changes were made to the St. Joseph Catholic Church precinct and Vertical Church precinct and voters still showed up in the wrong polling place. 

“It adds so much work onto our poll workers,” Hodges said.