The City Clerk and a second Canton alderman have been indicted on voter fraud charges stemming from the 2017 municipal elections.


City Clerk Valerie Smith was indicted on 12 counts of violating voter registration statutes for allegedly falsifying voter registration applications.


Ward 7 Alderman Andrew Grant was indicted by a Madison County grand jury on two counts of voter fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit voter fraud. 


In December 2018, Alderwoman Vicki McNeil, who previously served as Canton Police Chief, was indicted on four counts of voter fraud. 


Courtney Rainey, Canton’s director of human and cultural needs, faces a new voter fraud charge for allegedly allowing someone to vote by absentee ballot when she knew they no longer lived in the county and were ineligible. 


Rainey was indicted on 15 separate counts in December 2018 ranging from voter fraud to witness intimidation. 


In total, eight people have so far been indicted following an investigation into the 2017 elections. 


Former Canton Fire Chief Cary Johnson is alleged to have promised beer to Linda Louis in exchange for a vote. He also allegedly tried to pay Bobbie Lewis and Kierruca Lewis for their votes.


Also indicted were Donnell Robinson, Jennifer Robinson, Sherman Matlock and Desmand King, deputy city clerk for the city of Canton. They were indicted on counts ranging from voter fraud to voting by an unqualified person.