Max White and his mother Courtney White.
Max White and his mother Courtney White.
Max White is a name most outside of the Madison Preschool family have probably never heard of, but for those within that community, the 20-month-old is nothing less than an icon. 

“We called him Big Max because he loved to eat,” says Anshika Singh, director of the pre-school located in Madison. “He was a juicy, cuddly, baby.”

Max was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer, on April 30, 2019. And ever since he was diagnosed, the preschool community has come together to support the family through the Kicking Cancer to the Max fundraiser. 

The goal is to provide $20,000 for the white family by Aug. 5. So far, the fundraiser has raised over $10,000. 

To raise funds, the pre-school has encouraged the families there to sell at least one case of chocolate worth $120. They are chocolate-covered almond bars worth $2 each. Each family who participates is required to sell the entire case of chocolate, and they can keep half of the money they make.

They are also selling T-shirts for the fundraiser. Teacher Adrianne Brazzle volunteered to make all the T-shirts for the fundraiser. Bracelets are also on sale for $2 each to the children and families at the pre-school, as well as anyone who wants to support the White Family.

“It’s definitely brought everybody closer together, especially with the chocolate drive and the t-shirt drives because the parents are just loving it and they’re super supportive,” said Jazman Turner, assistant director for the Madison Preschool. 

“It shows them that anyone would do something for them as well, if something were to happen to their child,” says Singh. 

Several members of the community have already gone out of their way to support the family through the difficult period.

Max’s life is filled with doctor visits and hospital stays with medical procedures to come. It makes everyday chores like yard work harder on the family. To that end, David Duddleston, a parent of another student at the preschool, uses his landscaping company, Green Tree Lawn LLC, to help address the family’s needs. His company and another company, McCall Landscaping, do yard work for the family’s home, making sure their yard and lawn are properly maintained twice a month. 

“It’s beyond amazing,” explains Anshika Singh. “It’s a total God thing.” 

Even though Max has one round of chemotherapy a week, it has greatly weakened his immune system. 

A Gofundme started by Jennifer Davis, Max’s aunt, began in May. So far, it has raised over $12,175 for the family.

“Seeing your child sick and battling cancer is hard enough so I wanted to help take any burden off of them that we can.” Davis said on the fundraiser’s page. 

“We are spending most of our time devoted to Max’s health right now and they have picked up the pieces around us,” Courtney White, Max’s mother, said. “They were more than just a school before, but they are definitely family now.”

If you wish to donate, be sure to contribute to the Kicking Cancer to the MAX fundraiser at the Madison Preschool. 

The T-shirts, chocolate, and rubber bands are all available for purchase at the pre-school, located on 107 Homestead Drive, Madison, MS 39110.

For more information, call the school at (601) 714-8981.