MADISON — An increase in domestic violence assaults led to a slight increase in crime here in 2018, according to uniformed crime rate statistics released by the Police Department in February. 

The city had 10 more Type 1 crimes in 2018, compared to 2017, and reported 332 incidents in total. In 2016, the number of Type 1 crimes was 290.

Type 1 crimes are classified as major crimes by the FBI. 

The increase from 2016 to 2017 was largely influenced by larcenies in the city, though that number remained unchanged in 2018. Those remain the highest reported crimes in Madison, with 22 cases of grand larceny, 132 cases of petit larceny, and 78 cases of shoplifting reported in 2018. 

“Larcenies, to include shoplifting, continue to be the leading category,” Police Chief Gene Waldrop said in a release. “We remind our citizens to close carports when not in use, remove valuables from their vehicles and secure them at all times.”

Assaults increased by 20, led in part with 72 reports of simple assault, and 16 reports of aggravated assault. Waldrop attributed the assault cases as domestic violence assaults. 

There were no reported murders or rapes in 2018, but there were two reports of robberies, an increase of one from the previous year.

There were five residential burglaries reported and two business burglaries reported, an overall decrease of six from 2017.

There were also three reports of auto theft. 

The report is voluntarily submitted to the FBI and, according to Waldrop, is used to “gauge manpower and equipment resource deployment, crime prevention techniques and methods, and crime detection/suppression tactics.”

Waldrop said the Madison Police Department maintains high visibility and relies on citizen participation, citing those as effective anti-crime measures. 

“As in years past, year 2018 has seen a continuation of the population growth in the city and a tremendous and steady growth in the commercial, retail and professional community,” he said. “I congratulate the city of Madison officials, members of the Madison Police Department and especially the citizens of the city for a partnership that is successfully working to keep crime to a minimum and the city a safe and wholesome environment to live, raise a family and retire.”