A convicted Canton drug dealer gets to spend the next 40 years in prison with no opportunity for early parole after being sentenced in circuit court last week. 

Jeremiah Kelly, 32, of 228 North Jackson St. in Canton, was found guilty of trafficking a controlled substance after being arrested in 2017 with marijuana, cocaine, weapons and more than $150,000 in cash. 

“In December 2017, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office heard several recorded conversations between Kelly and an inmate regarding a shipment of drugs that was arriving and how to receive and distribute them,” a release from District Attorney John K. Bramlett Jr. stated. “Deputies kept Kelly under surveillance for several days until the shipment arrived. Deputies executed warrants on several houses in Canton where they found drugs, money and guns. Kelly was at one of the locations, where deputies found him in the master bedroom. He was arrested without incident.”

Bramlett said the arrest and conviction removed a major drug dealer from the streets and that was thanks in part to incredible work from the Sheriff’s Department.

“Removing Kelly from our society, which could be for the rest of his life, is removing one more major drug dealer from our community who seeks to sell their illegal and dangerous drugs to kids and others,” Bramlett said. “As we have learned over many decades, drugs are a major component to other crimes. We simply will not tolerate drug dealers attempting to take over Madison and Rankin Counties.  Law enforcement, judges and prosecutors will stand firm and united against people like Kelly.”