As Germantown Middle School nears its 10-year mark, faculty and staff are planning a ceremony to mark the milestone for the school and all that has happened in the surrounding community.

Nicole Shows, a 25-year Madison School District veteran and chairman of the anniversary committee said the anniversary not only marks a landmark for the school and district, but also the community.

“I think this landmark really shows how much the community has grown,” Shows said. “We are just busting the seems and are hopefully looking at a new building soon,” Shows said. “It gives me a warm feeling to know that we are doing something good here and our growth really reflects that.”

When Germantown was established in 2009, they had about 40 faculty and 470 students in a building designed to hold 800. Now, the school has 1,050 students and 83 faculty members as people continue to move into the community poised for incorporation.

“We really are a product of our community,” Principal Chris Perritt said. “As the community has expanded, so have we. Families continue to move here because of our fantastic schools.”

He said they are calling the program “A Decade of Distinction.”

The committee in charge of the event compiled a list of cultural markings that were going on when the school was established. These include the fact that the iPhone was only two years old and President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. James Cameron’s “Avatar” was a smash hit at the box office and Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” was the number one song.

At their founding, the Middle School sports teams that would be established over the next year or so were orange and blue and their mascot was the Jaguar, until two years later when Germantown High School was established as the Mavericks.

Shows invites the community to come to the anniversary event on Jan. 30 at 4 p.m.,  at Germantown Middle.