Madison County supervisors approved a resolution Monday for the South Madison County Fire Protection District, commonly known as the Gluckstadt Fire Department, to move forward with an annexation of three areas in an effort to provide relief to residents currently living outside of fire jurisdictions. 

A public hearing on the annexation effort was held Monday and nobody spoke in opposition. 

Properties annexed into the district will be subject to the fire tax, which is currently set at 8 mills.

Gluckstadt Fire Chief Henry Davis has previously said that most homeowners they will see a decrease in their insurance premiums as a result of the annexation and any increase in taxes will be offset by the reduction in insurance premiums. 

Area 1 of the proposed annexation includes a half-dozen homes on Cotton Blossom Road. 

Area 2 of the proposed annexation includes homes in Haley Creek, Twin Harbor, 12 Oaks Trace, and Crescent Lake, among others. 

Area 3 of the proposed annexation includes homes off of St. Davids Way and a small road off Green Oak Lane east of U.S. 51. 

Davis said homeowners in Area 3 came to the District asking for annexation because they were outside Madison the City’s limits and were paying higher premiums. 

District 4 Supervisor David Bishop asked if any of the residences were currently being serviced by another fire department. 

John Scanlon, an attorney representing the SMCFD, said Twin Harbor was currently being serviced by Madison the City, but there are no objections by the city for the annexation. 

Bishop then asked if residents would be paying taxes twice for fire protection.

“They will not be paying double taxes,” Scanlon said. 

Board President Sheila Jones reiterated what Davis said, saying this was a good thing because it will help residents with their insurance premiums.