Gluckstadt was the focus of an update on a road study originally presented to the Board of Supervisors in May 2016.

Neel-Schaffer engineer Jonathan Kiser gave the update, requested by District 3 Supervisor Gerald Steen, focusing mostly on the fast-developing Gluckstadt area where traffic congestion continues to cause headaches for commuters.

Steen thanked Kiser for his report and asked if he would return in 30 days for an update on estimated completion dates for the various projects. Kiser said that he would.

“Our submitted proposal for planning studied 35 miles of arterial roadways (in the area),” Kiser said as he opened his remarks. “That included 20 intersections — and we’ve added six more — plus traffic counts and analysis of crash data to identify short-term and long-term projects.”

Neel-Schaffer has since aided the county in applying for grant monies to pay for those short-term projects, which includes crucial thoroughfares like Gluckstadt Road, Highway 463, Stribling Road, Weisenberger Road, Bozeman Road and Catlett Road.

While construction or right-of-way acquisition has begun on several of the short-term projects, others have seen no action or succesful requests for funding. 

The long-term projects suggested in the study include the widening of Highway 463, Bozeman Road, U.S. (from Yandell Road to Tisdale Road) and Gluckstadt Road, as well as the completion of Phase II and Phase III of the Reunion Parkway project.

Gluckstadt Road has already been widened to three lanes, but ultimately needs to go to four, Kiser said. The other projects are either in the planning or right-of-way acquisition stages.

“I just want to get an idea of where we are and what our priorities should be,” Steen said Tuesday. “I know it’s a moving target, but we’re going to continue to add more, so it’s worth it to have an accounting of the work we’ve already started.”

Steen added that he’s hoping to have all of these projects finished within the next two years so the county can focus on other projects that will need attention by that time.

“Traffic concerns are always one of our top priorities,” he said. “As that part of the county continues to grow, all of these projects fit together to help move traffic in the area.”

Here’s a look at some of the short term projects and their status updates:

• Bozeman Road at Highway 463  — Intersection improvements are in the right-of-way acquisition phase.

• Highway 51 at Yandell Road — The eastern approach has been widened, an emergency signal has been installed and a turn lane has been added to the western approach.

• Park Place at Highway 463 — Restriping has not been funded.

• Robinson Springs Road at Highway 463 — Construction of a westbound turn lane has not been funded.

• Middle School at Highway 463 — No action has been taken on the addition of a turn lane.

• Gluckstadt Road at Bozeman Road — An additional north and westbound turn lane are under construction to be completed by the end of the year.

• Gluckstadt Road at Highway 463 - Restriping and other improvements have not been funded.

• Gluckstadt Road at Weisenberger Road — On schedule to sign and stripe “in the near future.”

• Calhoun Station Parkway at Gluckstadt Road — No action has been taken on a plan to restripe the existing road to create dual turn lanes.

• Stribling Road at Highway 463 — Construction of a southbound left, and northbound right, turn lanes has not been funded.

• Distribution Drive at Gluckstadt Road — A new signal has been installed and road widened.

• Livingston Road at Highway 463 — Intersection improvements have not been funded.

• Stribling Road at Catlett Road — An eastbound right turn lane has been constructed with an acceleration lane added.

• Stribling Road Extension at Catlett Road — Recently received funding to create a center lane on Catlett. Work is scheduled to start after the first of the year.

• Yandell Road at the elementary school — No action has been taken on the addition of a turn lane.