A man in the used car business blamed President Trump and steel tariffs for the reason why he has junk cars piled up on his property off Highway 16. 

Michael Wilder, who is listed on tax rolls as being from Carthage, asked county supervisors last week for 45 days to remove the junk cars from his property. 

“I’m in the used car business,” he told supervisors. “I have a used car dealer license. I finance cars to people that don’t get financing in other locations.”

He said he has thousands of dollars invested in cars that could only fetch $170 each in the current market. 

“That’s the reason I haven’t moved them,” Wilder said, adding it has to do with the president and steel tariffs. 

He said a piece on a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban used to bring in $2,500 but is now $170. He said it costs $85 apiece to take them down for scrap or he has to have so many for “the man to come there and crush them.”

“Still just pennies on the dollar,” he said. “Apparently, some citizen of the county is complaining about them.”

Wilder asked for 45 days to have the cars moved. He said he just purchased some more land and would be seeking permission to build a fence and hide them from the public view. 

Supervisors unanimously approved the 45-day extension. 

Supervisors also ordered the cleaning of junk cars on Hunt Avenue on property owned by Earnest Brooks of Flora. Supervisors also ordered the cleaning of a dilapidated structure and junk on the corner of Highway 51 and Tithelo Road on property owned by TTLBL LLC. In both cases, liens will be placed on the property by the county for cleanup costs incurred.