The Madison library will host several age-appropriate information sessions for all ages concerning human trafficking.

Tammie Terry, branch manager of the Rebecca Baine Rigby Library in Madison, said that they are working hard to tackle the tough topic.

“Our children librarian Becky Bowen has been doing a lot of research and we wanted to put together something to make people aware of this problem that may be moving into our state,” Terry.

She said the presentation will be conducted by Advocates For Freedom, an organization based on the coast that aims to raise awareness about this issue. 

‘They know a lot about the subject. One of their presenters is a police officer form the coast,” Terry said.

She said that the presentation is for all ages. She said participation is up to parents discretion. She said that Sustaloons will be at the library doing balloon art for younger children along with ice cream from Bumpers.

“Our research shows that it is best for kids to know what to do as early nine years old. It will teach kids what to do and things to look for as well as ways to look out for their friend,” Terry said. “If we are able to save just one kid then I think we did our job.”

The Madison Police Department will also be on site giving out free identity kits.

The event starts at 6:30 p.m. on June 13, at the Madison Public Library. For more information call 601-856-2749. No registration is required.