Ashley McSwain, Zoe, James and Stacy Lee Mullen
Ashley McSwain, Zoe, James and Stacy Lee Mullen
Fellow officers and family member are mourning the passing of a Madison Police Department dispatcher who died at his home Sunday morning.

Communication Officer Stacy Lee Mullen, 50, passed away the morning of Jan. 13 at home and, according to his fiance, would have turned 51 today (Thursday).  

Mullen’s fiance, Ashley McSwain, said that Mullen’s passing had hit the family hard, particularly his daughter, Blakeley Lambert. 

“He leaves us with a whole bunch of memories. We miss him. He never met a stranger and could make you laugh at the tip of a hat, that was his strong suit,” McSwain said.

He also left behind McSwain's children Zoe and James Byrd.

"They weren’t his kids but he raised them," McSwain said.

They had been together seven-and-a-half years and had known each other for eight, McSwain said. She said that Mullen liked camping and target shooting in his free time.

His supervisor, Lt. Amy Divine, said that he was a hard worker and always found ways to make people smile.

“He liked jokes and he liked telling them. He was a very funny man. As his supervisor, I know he would be sheepish about joking around around me, but I would always make him tell me one of his latest and they were always funny,” Divine said. “He will be remembered most for his hard work. As his supervisor, he always did what he was told and usually went above and beyond what was asked.”

Mullen had worked at the Madison Police Department for the past five years and also worked with Ridgeland Police Department for a time, as a dispatcher. 

Communications Supervisor for RPD Mike Raffield, a high school friend of Mullen, said that he was always dependable in the workplace and in their personal lives.

“He was my friend first but when I was his supervisor I knew he was someone I could I always count on. He was a great guy to work with and very dependable,” Raffield said. “He was a fun guy to be around and always kept us entertained. He was such a good father and husband to his family.”

He said the news of his longtime friend's death “hit me hard.”

Mullen also worked as Animal Control at MPD.

“You could tell he really liked the work he did with animal control. He loved animals. It was his calling,” Divine said.

McSwain said he kept busy with APIII, a patriot group dedicated to the ideals of the constitution and founding fathers, and Facebook live streams with his show Patriot Voice. 

“He loved our country and our state and was a true patriot,” Divine said.

He also participated in self-defense and gun safety classes, ran a private investigation agency called Voodoo Investigation and Protection and was planning on running for Constable in Copiah County. 

He was prepared to make that announcement sometime next month, she said.

“He liked to help people,” McSwain said.

She said despite a recent motorcycle wreck that would cost him part of his left leg, Mullen kept active.

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler offered her condolences to the family after she heard of the officer’s passing.

“God bless his family. Our prayers go with them. We appreciate his service and for law enforcement.”