A Madison business of almost 20 years is for sale, offering a buyer the opportunity to take over a fine gifts institution in the area.


Ben Rogers, of Foursquare LLC and the owner of Persnickety, said that they are not going out of business but are looking to pass the business on to someone else.


“This is a sale of an existing business, not an auction. Not a liquidation or anything like that,” Rogers said.


The sale is being handled by Nick Clark, a local business broker based in Canton. Clark said that this provided a rare opportunity for potential buyers.


“This is a profitable business that has been in operation for 18 years. It is a great opportunity for someone to take over an existing business that has an established name,” Clark said. “This is not an opportunity that comes around very often.”


Rogers and his family bought the business from Sherry and Ken Hilton just over 10 years ago. Hilton still owns the property, which Clark said he wanted to make clear was not for sale.


Rogers said they were looking to expand the shop they operated then in Morton to a Jackson metro area location. He said the Hiltons came to them and he was sold after the first conversation he had on the phone with the couple.


“Persnickety was already a well-known retail shop. Our goal was to maintain all the good things which were happening there, and at the same time expand into some lines and categories not carried by the earlier store, but all with the same uniqueness,” Rogers said. “Maybe our largest expansions have been in the bridal area, along with outdoor cooking, gourmet, and a more varied selection of Mississippi items, particularly pottery. Since our involvement, the store has continued to expand while continuing to operate with the same level of personal service to which our customers were accustomed.”


Persnickety is known for the sale of top-shelf gifts and fine pieces of art by local artists like Mark Millet and  Wyatt Waters.


“They are known for their upscale, top of the line giftware as well as fine art from a variety of talented local artists,” Clark said. “This is a business with a dedicated customer base not just in the area or the region, but throughout the south-east. They are known for their quality. They do not take shortcuts.”


When reflecting on the legacy of the shop, Rogers said they developed a “creed of sorts” to make their vision clear.


“We believe that doing anything exceptionally well requires commitment and perseverance. The results of such efforts are those things that enjoy high regard and stand the test of time. We are driven to provide exceptional selections, for you and your home, which combine design integrity, the finest materials, painstaking craftsmanship, recognized value and devoted personal service. Anything less would not be worth the effort,” Rogers recited.


Rogers said that manager Flo Bryan and her staff would remain.


“The truth is this: they are the Persnickety most people know,” he said. “We’ll miss them, and will greatly miss the personal joy of helping our customers choose just the right unique gift for someone special. That is the true benefit of retail.”