An escaped prisoner is out of the hospital and back behind bars after a wild chase involving Madison Police and sheriff's deputies.

Authorities have charged a Brandon man with aggravated assault of a police officer, felony fleeing, possession of controlled substances and numerous traffic violations after he led officers on a drug-fueled, high-speed chase through Madison Friday night.

A Madison patrolman stopped 18-year-old Brian Baker in the parking lot of the Shell Fuel Station at Highway 463 and Grandview Boulevard at 7:55 p.m. According to police, the officer asked Baker to step out of the red 2015 Toyota Corolla for questioning after detecting the smell of marijuana.

Although initially compliant, police say Baker began to resist when another officer arrived to assist and they began to pat him down. He eventually broke free and made it back to the driver's side of the vehicle and hopped in. The second officer on the scene tried to reach through the window and stop him by putting the car in park, according to the report, but Baker allegedly sped away, dragging the officer approximately 20 yards.

A lone gunshot from the other officer hit the rear driver's-side door just as the officer being dragged broke free. The car sped away, headed south on Grandview Boulevard.

With the original officer in pursuit, police say Baker made a U-turn in the Zaxby's parking lot and headed back past the gas station, turned east on Highway 463 and eventually headed north on US 51, where Madison County Sheriff's department was waiting.

Deputies deployed road spikes near the intersection of Highway 51 and Hard Times Road, which popped the tires and brought the vehicle to a stop in a ditch. Baker then led police on a chase into the woods. He was soon overtaken and placed under arrest, but not before taking a bite out of one of the arresting officers.

According to police, Baker told police he had ingested marijuana, heroin and crystal methamphetamine during the pursuit, so he was transported directly to a hospital and charged upon his release.

Police later identified the driver as the same Brian Baker wanted for escaping the Greenwood Delta Correctional Institute two days earlier on Wednesday, June 26.

The officer who was dragged by the vehicle suffered only minor scrapes, and the officer who was bitten was treated at a local hospital and released.