RIDGELAND — Technology companies received new guidelines and requirements passed by the city board in the form of a new ordinance concerning small cell technology installed citywide.

City officials said that they consulted a variety of sources including local cell phone service and technology companies like AT&T Mississippi and C Spire.

The ordinance adopting regulations for small cell technology facilities in the city of Ridgeland passed unanimously.

Community Development Director Alan Hart said Monday evening that this would provide guidance for new technology and support structures installed moving forward.

Hart said that this will limit most installation to a height of 48 feet, with a maximum of 10 feet above utility polls and 5 feet above existing structures.

“You hear 48 feet a lot. That's kind of a standard of what is promised but we know that some exceed that. This gives us the ability to approve certain details like making sure the structures are adequately supported, visual aspects, consistency with the area they are installed in and other impacts such a structure may have,” Hart said.

Mayor Gene McGee added that it was important to make sure that such structure was consistent with the area they were being installed.

“For instance, Jackson Street may have one look and Old Canton might have another,” McGee said. This is not designed to take away old towers or installations.

“I wanted to make sure we showed our support for Alan, he has done a good job and written a good ordinance. I know he and his staff consulted with AT&T and other companies including our own legal counsel to make sure it was done right,” McGee said.

Michael Walker, AVP of corporate External Affairs for AT&T in the state, said that they were happy with the ordinance turned out.

“Alderman At Large D.I. Smith asked if the technology this ordinance was measured by would support 5G cell phone service.

“It is headed that way,” Walker said.