RIDGELAND — Aldermen accepted bids on a new street sweeper lease last Tuesday, which was a major item of discussion during Fiscal Year 2019 discussions earlier this year.

Public Works Director Mike McCollum said that the high bid from Covington Sales & Service, Inc., was the only one of three submitted that met all the city’s requirements. McCollum said that the high bid was still within their original projected budget.

Covington bid a price of $255,900 for a Schwarze A9 Monsoon with a $55,000 buyback price in the contract.

McCollum said that the other bids did not feature hydraulic controls and had smaller sections of piping throughout the truck that he said made a “fairly significant distance.”

McCollum said that he double-checked his the recommendation with the State Auditor’s office, which concurred that they were in compliance by accepting the low bid.

He also noted that the high bid featured a 600-gallon water tank, which was significantly larger than the other two submitted.

“The other two met our specifications, but I have found that when you have a bigger tank you spend less time going back to the garage to fill it up and that is one of the easiest ways to maximize a sweeper’s efficiency,” McCollum said.

Other bids were from Sansom Equipment Company and vacuum Truck Sales & Service. Sansom submitted a bid for a Crosswind1 Elgin Sweeper at $243,859 with a $63,904 buyback and VTS&S submitted a bid for a $243,900 Johnston RT655 with a $40,500 buyback.

A representative for Covington, a firm out of Louisiana just outside Baton Rouge, said that the Schwarze would be manufactured in Huntsville, Ala., and would be ready in between 30 and 45 days.

“We expect to have this to you by mid-December,” the rep said.

The board approved the measure 5-0 on the consent agenda. Mayor Gene McGee and Ward 3 Alderman and Mayor Pro Tempore Kevin Holder were absent. Ward 6 Alderman Wesley Hamlin and reserved his vote in the case of a tiebreaker. He was unanimously selected to lead the meeting. Ward 2 Alderman Chuck Gautier made the initial motion to nominate him substitute mayor pro tempore which was seconded by Brian Ramsey