MADISON — A local high school teacher and veteran journalist unhappy with a blown penalty call during Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams decided to take action and has created a petition on that has since gone viral.

In the fourth quarter of the game, the Saints were driving towards the end zone when a blatant pass interference call was ignored. The Saints later lost in overtime to the Rams.

St. Joseph Catholic School journalism teacher Terry Cassreino felt like it was a blown call while watching the game with some family in Slidell, La., this past weekend. Cassreino, a loyal Saints fan since childhood, decided he was going to take a stand. 

He made a petition targeting NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for a Saints rematch this Sunday, January 27. So far his petition on has received over 700,000 signatures. 

“I’ve never been involved with anything viral on the internet,” Cassreino said. “It shows the passion on Saints fans.”

It has become the fastest growing sports petition ever on’s website with the goal of 500,000 signatures quickly shattered in less than 48 hours. The goal was raised to 1,000,000 signatures on Tuesday. 

Cassreino has also received attention from several media outlets in Louisiana, Florida, and Arkansas. It has even helped to spark dialogue from outlets such as CBS Sports and The Washington Post for how this problem in the NFL can be addressed. 

The NFL Commissioner has the authority to not only demand a rematch between the two teams,  but he can also say that the Saints won the game and send them to the Super Bowl. 

Cassreino sent an email to Goodell notifying him of the petition, but he has received no comment back from the NFL Commissioner, he said this week

“I don’t think Rodger Goodell is going to invite me to his house for dinner,” Cassreino said. “That’s okay, I’d rather have dinner with (Saints head coach) Sean Payton anyway.” 

Since Sunday, Payton has been one of the biggest voices against the play being overlooked. He has bashed the refs' decision ever since the seemingly overlooked penalty occurred. 

“For a call like that not to be made, man it’s just hard to swallow,” Payton said in a postgame press conference. 

Even though Cassreino doubts that the commissioner will do anything, he still hopes his petition still sends a very powerful message to the NFL.

“At least, if anything, this makes a lot of Saints fans feel like they have done something, and made some kind of statement,” he said.