Sheriff Randy Tucker introduces himself to those gathered
Sheriff Randy Tucker introduces himself to those gathered
Madison County subdivisions are banding together to create a group that gives them a collective voice and helps increase the flow of information between individual residents and neighborhoods.

Trey Petro is an organizing member from the Ashbrooke subdivision. He said this venture has been more than a year in the making and was spearheaded by him and Lisa Williams of Germantown and Heath Ferguson. Their group is largely modeled after MONA, the Madison Organization of Neighborhood Associations.

“I think it will really be a focal point for our many neighborhoods and subdivisions and act as a relay of information between officials,” Petro said.

The first meeting was held last Thursday at the Bellevue Lake Caroline Clubhouse. Petro said that major agenda items were to pass the bylaws and elect board members. Board members were selected from a group of residents that expressed interest and all 60-plus residents present Thursday were allowed to vote. 

Petro said that their nonprofit paperwork has been filed and they are “official.”

‘Everything was approved smoothly and without any major disagreements,” Petro said. “I think we are off to a great start.”

Current Elected Board Members are Rusty Hampton representing Deerfield, Tammy Castagnoli representing Red Oak Plantation, Brad Beattie from First Colony, Bill Buhner of Providence. Ferguson is representing his neighborhood of Greyhawk, as well as Petro and Kerry Minninger in an at-large role. Alternates include Correy Elder, John Harless, Jim Ingram, and Tanner Thrash.

Petro said that in addition to the neighborhoods represented by officers, they will gladly take input from any neighborhood or subdivision within the county.

Hampton, a 25-year Deerfield resident who has served on their board for five years and now serves as board president, said that he as seen two key advantages to the association. First was the intercommunication of the individual home and property owner associations.

“I know all of us are coming in here for different reasons, but for me, the first thing was this could really be a clearinghouse for information between the current individual associations. It has been frustrating to get some simple answers in the past on something like how other associations manage their pool,” Hampton said.

The second was a stronger voice with public officials.

“It is one thing if someone from our POA takes an issue to our supervisor. That is just one person talking to another, but say the county POA president saying ‘I represent these 25 or more neighborhoods and thousands of households who would like to see these problems addressed’ might hold a little more sway,” Hampton said.

“I think it is important to point out that I don’t think anyone got into this to gripe, but it is certainly an opportunity for all of us to try to make where we live a better place.”

The agenda included a variety of guests. Heath Ferguson, Director of Pastoral Care and Faith Relations at Mississippi Baptist Health Systems, opened the event with a prayer. State Rep. Cory Wilson gave an update on the Lottery Bill and Reunion Parkway extension to I-55 and other current legislation in progress. 

Petro said that Madison County Supervisors Sheila Jones of District 1, Trey Baxter of District 2 and District 4 representative David Bishop were present as well as Sheriff Randy Tucker and Officer TchiaKousky Williams, County Animal Control, all spoke.

They even opened the floor to ask questions of guest speakers and discuss various topics of interest.

“We had a variety of local officials come to speak and I think it went really well,” Petro said.

Petro said they hope to establish a variety of venues of electronic communication including email lists and a social media presence.

Petro said that the board has already decided to meet in January to put together an agenda for the next public meeting.