Madison County elected officials are hoping long lines at the county courthouse will be a thing of the past with the addition of three new kiosks to handle transactions for county services.

The county board of supervisors recently approved the purchase of three computer kiosks at the request of Tax Collector Kay Pace and County Clerk Anita Wray.

According to Ion Business Concepts and Payment Systems president Justin Overton, who presented one of the kiosks to the board last week, the new machines should be able to process payments for car tags, land taxes and fees and fines from the justice court.

“Basically anything you need to pay to the county, you can do with this kiosk,” Overton said. “Just click ‘Car Tag’ for example, type in your name and your license plate, select your name and swipe your card. It’s that easy.”

The payer is responsible for the payments’ processing fee, which would be similarly assessed when paying with a card at the counter, is 2.35 percent for all purchases. Receipts will be sent via email rather than printed on the spot.

The cost of each machine is $6,000. There is no additional cost to county, Overton said, as Ion would handle related maintenance costs.

The physical locations of the new machines has not been determined.

Pace said Monday the lines have become a problem in her office, and she’s hoping the addition of these kiosks will help.

“We just don’t have enough room in that office,” Pace said. “It’s just that Madison County is growing, and I’d like to keep up with it if we can.”

“They are going to be a line-buster,” Overton said. “They’ll work really well during the busy tax season from November through April. Just like when you go to pay your phone bill at C-Spire, you’ll be able to walk in, tap a few times on the kiosk, swipe your card and be done.”

He added that the average transaction should take five minutes or fewer.