CANTON — Mayor Dr. William Truly cast the tie-breaking vote Tuesday night against appointing a new member to the Canton School Board after initially threatening a veto for what he called “disrespect” towards his office. 

Aldermen Fred Esco, Andrew Grant and Daphne Sims attempted to appoint Stacy Spencer to fill a seat on the board left vacant after aldermen removed Timothy Scott Taylor earlier this year. 

Taylor was removed from the board earlier this year because aldermen said he did not live within the city limits, despite Taylor later showing of proof he resided in the city. 

An attempt to replace another sitting member of the board was also tabled Tuesday.

Truly said Tuesday was the first he heard of the aldermen’s attempt to place Spencer on the board. 

“No one has informed the mayor of the appointment to a vacant seat,” Truly said. “It is as if the mayor is a mere figurehead and has no interest in this. 

“There’s an appointment being made to the school board and I as the mayor of this city is just now hearing about this,” he continued. “I think it’s disrespect. It’s just a matter of respect for the office. These are the kinds of things we have to stop doing.”

Truly said the board needed to start making collective decisions and that there are no secrets, because eventually the actions will all be spread across the board’s minutes. 

Aldermen Les Penn, Eric Gilkie and Vickie McNeal voted against appointing Spencer, leaving Truly with the tie-breaking vote. 

“You don’t have to respect me,” Truly then said, chiding the aldermen, saying his office is due certain levels of respect. “We need to stop this and we need to stop it now.”