RIDGELAND — City officials approved stormwater drain improvements on Wilson Drive to the tune of $200,000 with other similar projects in the queue awaiting funding.

Public Works Director Mike McCollum said that a collapsed stormwater drain on Wilson Drive becomes a “swimming pool” every time that it rains and that something needed to be done soon.

Ward 3 Alderman Kevin holder said that they currently have a pumping device on-site that they use to drain the water but that it has proved expensive to operate.

“It has been a problem for some time,” Holder said.

He said that they had a plan to rebuild the drain and direct it into Purple Creek. The project comes with an estimated price tag of $200,000.

The budget amendment was added to the consent agenda as item R and was unanimously approved at Tuesday evening’s regular board meeting.

McCollum said that they could get to work as soon as they acquired an easement to work on the site and the materials needed for the project.

City Clerk Paula Tierce said that the addition of this project to the budget will take the current percentage of end of year balance over total expenditures from 60 percent to 58 percent.

Mayor Gene McGee noted that this stayed above the city’s floor by about 18 percent.

Ward 2 Alderman Chuck Gautier noted that there were problems citywide. 

“I see oxidized asphalt everywhere,” Gautier said.

McCollum said that there were other similar problems to be addressed including one on Ridgewood Road. McGee said that a Ridgewood Road project would need to be discussed at a later date and might not even be feasible until next year’s budget.

“I think we need a better budget before we can talk about Ridgewood Road,” McGee said.

Aldermen also approved a sole source letter for Bader Water Meters from Central Pipe.

“We have to approve one of these about once a year,” McCollum said.

Wilson Drive is north of the Lowe’s on Ridgewood near MM Shapley's Restaurant.