2020-2021 Youth Leadership Class announced


Madison County Business League & Foundation is proud to announce the Madison County Youth Leadership Class of 2020-21. Pictured are:

(Front) Ana Gonzalez, Canton High School; Alaela Middleton, Velma Jackson High School; Dami Oluwatade, St. Andrew's Episcopal School; Gabrielle Funches, Ridgeland High School; Hunter Thompson, Madison Ridgeland Academy; Julia Van Lake, Madison Central High School

(Second row) Annalee Willson, Jackson Academy; Carsyn Day, Velma Jackson High School; Win D'Antonio, Jackson Preparatory School; Liza Lominick, St. Andrew's Episcopal School; Kennedy Maloney, Jackson Preparatory School; Emma Jenkins, Tri-County Academy

(Third row) Cooper Word, Germantown High School; Dwayne Nelson, JR., Canton High School; Camille Boles, Madison Central High School; Eliza Lightheart, Canton Academy; Anna Crout, St. Joseph Catholic School; John-Hollis Hutchinson, Canton Academy

(Back) Christopher Watson, St. Joseph Catholic School; Will Triplett, Madison Ridgeland Academy; Sandon Guild, Jackson Academy; Essence Baker, Germantown High School; Tyler Jackson, Ridgeland High School; and Aidan Barker, Tri-County Academy

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