Abigayle serves as sanctuary to elderly


The Abigayle Adult Day Center just over a year ago opened to the public as a sanctuary for the elderly to spend the day interacting with people, playing games, exercising, and participating in all kinds of other activities. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Abigayle had to close on March 31, but they opened their doors again at the end of June and have been following all safety procedures, according to Executive Director Zonya Donald. 

“I’ve been in occupational therapy for 30 years and I’m used to this type of environment,” Donald said. “There’s people that are elderly but not quite ready for assisted living and still want to stay at home.”

Donald said people who attend the daycare can come in around 8 a.m. and can stay for as little or as long as they want until the cutoff time at 5 p.m. 

“They can participate in classes, arts and crafts, and other cognitive activities,” she said. “We also make sure to help them with exercises so they stay active and healthy every day.”

Donald noted the daycare is also an affordable way for family members to have a break to get work done and provide a place for their loved ones to stay. 

“The best experience someone can have at this daycare is the socialization and just being around other people,” she said. “Even when you’re old, you should still have friends and interactions with people. You’ll get that here.”

Vicky Gilbert, program coordinator at Abigail Daycare, said the daycare has all sorts of activities to keep the people occupied all day long. 

“We have breakfast and morning devotion first,” Gilbert said. “I encourage everyone to use what God has given them. We want to make them feel at home here.”

Gilbert said the daycare’s number one goal is to make sure every member is taken care of and enjoy themselves, while building up important skills. 

“We make sure to keep people here up to date on motor skills and other cognitive abilities,” she said. “We teach them the quality of life and motivate them to help one another. We’re family here.”

Gilbert assured that everyone at the daycare will enjoy their time at Abigayle. 

“If you send your loved ones here, they’re in good hands,” she said. “Getting to meet other people and build friendships and relationships is always the best thing.”

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