BEAMS Fitness Studio brings workouts together in one place


BEAMS Fitness Studio in Madison brings a variety of workouts and classes taught by instructors with years of experience under one roof.

Natalie Windham is the owner of BEAMS. BEAMS is an acronym used in pilates circles that stands for Breath, Energy, Alignment, Movement and Stability. Windham thought it applied to all modes of fitness.

"I found that it was something we could incorporate into the fundamentals of our workouts. It forms the basic core structure of all our classes," Windham said.

BEAMS offers a variety of classes, including 10 styles of yoga, two modes of pilates, Barre classes, H.I.I.T., and more.

The list is staggering and features roughly 54 classes weekly taught by a staff of 10 qualified instructors.

She claims they are the only place in the area to offer all these classes under one roof outside of the major gyms.

"I don't even know how many years of experience they have in all," she said of the group of instructors. "It is a lot."

Originally from Terry, Natalie has been teaching since she was 14 when she took over her first dance class. In college she started to get serious about fitness certifications and now holds 10 herself.

"It is rewarding to see my clients come in and watch them progress on their fitness journey," she said. "I love seeing someone meet their fitness goals and set new ones."

She opened BEAMS in December.

Windham sees BEAMS as a place not only for people to work out their bodies but also center and focus their minds.

Every class ends with savasana, a yoga practice that settles the body, clams the mind and regulates breathing.

"I think we really try to focus on both mind and body," Windham said.

For more information on classes and programs offered as well as how to sign up visit or call 601-790-9455 or checkout @BEAMSFitnessStudio on Instagram and Facebook.

Discounts are offered for first time clients.

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