Canton charter school opening in 2022


Canton will be implementing its first ever charter school in the fall of 2022. 

According to Dr. Elsa Karmacharya, executive director of the Mississippi Charter Schools Association Board, the location in Canton for the school is currently undecided, but is in the final stages of planning. 

“We are beyond excited to have SR1 to join our charter community and family,” Karmacharya said. “It’s continuing to grow and thrive and we’re so excited to have them join the charter family.”

Karmachayra noted that the school is planned to open in 2022 and begin as a K1, (kindergarten) up to a K5 (fifth grade). Students there will learn things like engineering, social skills, science, technology, math, and participate in other educational programs.

“It’s a very extensive process to open a charter school, since you need to have funding to be able to ensure your governing board is trained, and all the necessary materials are bought and in place by the time day one of the school year starts,” she said. “Taking 18 months to do this is a smart way to do business, because it gives them a good amount of time to make sure all the I’s have been dotted and the Ts have been crossed.”

Karmachayra said this new school will have a great impact on the area. 

“This can only be a positive impact on the community,” she said. The people who will be leading the school are 100% dedicated to teaching and educating kids.”

Karmachayra said support in charter schools looks incredibly high after some recent surveys given out to charter parents and non-charter parents. 

“We recently had our survey of charter parents and the results on that were VERY supportive,” she said. “We have a very strong group of parents that support the charter schools, well over 90 percent, and 72 percent of non-charter parents also support the charter schools.”

Karmachayra also noted that a new application cycle for the school will start in January of 2021. 

“We want to provide opportunities for families that don’t have access to higher quality schools,” she said. “Charter schools are public schools, and they’re just as accountable as other schools are. If they don’t meet the requirements, they won’t get to operate. I encourage people to remember that and how we are meeting the needs of children and their families across the state.”

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