Canton Gospel Music Association to honor scholarship recipients this weekend


The Canton Gospel Music Association will honor a dozen music scholarship recipients at the seventeenth iteration of their annual awards celebration this weekend.

Cynthia Goodloe Palmer, Founder and President of the Canton Gospel Music Association, said that her organization honors musicians locally and abroad. The CGMA sponsors the celebration each year.

“The purpose of this music celebration each year is to recognize individuals who have made significant musical contributions to Madison County and abroad”, Palmer said. “It is fitting that Canton with its rich heritage, deep spiritual roots and strong church affiliations hosts an event to honor one of music’s finest genres.”

Palmer said the highlight of the celebration is the awarding of 12 music scholarships to up and coming musicians to pay for music lessons and assist high school seniors. To date, the CGMA has awarded $29,200 to 148 scholarship recipients since 2005 varying in amounts of $100.00 to $1000.00 each.

Special musical guests will feature Madison County's own recording artists Ashford Sanders, Gloria "GG" Warren, CHOSEN and Ed Hightower. Cynthia Allen will serve as the Mistress of Ceremony.

Thirteen awards will be presented to Madison County's talent for 2020.

CGMA consists of choir directors, choir or group presidents, musicians, songwriters, recording artists, song leaders, soloists, radio announcers, ministers of music and pastors of Madison County.

The 17th Annual Scholarship Awards & Gospel Music Celebration will take place on Sunday, Sept. 6 at 6 p.m. Those interested can join the event live via Facebook Live or Youtube (Canton Gospel Music Association) or on our website.

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