Jackson Prep creates a New Strategic Tuition Plan


Jackson Prep is pleased to announce a strategic tuition plan to meet the needs of

current families and incoming families during formidable times.

The Jackson Prep Board of Trustees is tasked annually with evaluating tuition. There

are exciting changes to the 2021-2022 school year tuition structure. The Board of

Trustees has established that grades 8 through 12 will not have a tuition increase for

the 2021-2022 school year.

Board President John Davis stated, “The challenges of 2020 have impacted us all,

and we are hopeful that keeping our tuition at its current level will benefit all our


For grades 6 and 7—Jackson Prep’s main entry grades—Prep is lowering tuition

significantly for the 2021-2022 school year. The adjustment in tuition for our entry

level grades will assist in affordability challenges and is supported by our

endowment growth initiatives. Our hope is that this reduced price point for sixth and

seventh grades will be a permanent fixture at Prep.

Davis also said, "The Board of Trustees takes our families’ financial commitment to

Prep and their choice to enroll their student(s) with us very seriously, and we are

confident that we provide more value per dollar than any other school in the state.

Our commitment is to maintain the highest level of educational and extracurricular

experiences for our students. As a strategic initiative, we have been studying ways

to balance offerings and affordability. In addition, we are in the beginning phases of a

plan to grow our endowment to help moderate tuition growth and structure now

and in the future.”

Again, we are excited to implement this strategic tuition plan for the 2021-2022

school year. We are grateful for our community’s philanthropic support, which has

helped this plan come to fruition. To this end, the quality of the Prep experience will

not be compromised in any way by the new tuition plan. The value of a Prep

education is evident through the continued return on the investment throughout

your child’s future.

Prep’s college acceptance rates are 100%, and our students are well prepared for the academic rigor of college and university expectations. Scholarship opportunities are

consistently available for Prep students—96% of the students in the class of 2020

received merit-based scholarships. The senior class was offered $11.9 million and

accepted $4.1 million in scholarships. Our students join a vast network of alumni and

community leaders and connect their passions through offerings that are unique to Jackson Prep. This promotes the development of soft skills and creative thinking along with leadership attributes—all crucial competencies colleges are seeking and finding in Prep students.

For more information about the tuition at Jackson Prep, please visit our website at

www.jacksonprep.net or call our Director of Admission at 601.939.8611 and schedule

a campus tour for your family.

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