Louisiana couple brags on Madison


MADISON — Loaded down with hurricane relief supplies headed back home pulling a trailer, a Louisiana couple says a man got out of his truck at a traffic signal here and handed them $100. 

“I don’t know your situation, but I know where you’re headed,” said Benoit Johnson, a resident of the Lake Charles area, of the encounter. “We were speechless and I’m almost in tears now just thinking about it.”

They were in Madison County because his wife’s law firm in Louisiana has an office in Ridgeland and was working on an important case and the St. Charles office was down.

Before heading back, they decided to stop in Madison to pick up some hurricane relief supplies. “All I can say is that I hope anyone who comes to Madison will have the same experience we did.” 

Johnson said he and his family first stopped at the Ace Hardware store 15 minutes before closing time to find some chainsaws, and the staff showed no annoyance and helped in any way they could. 

“The men there never batted an eye and were so helpful to us,” he said. “We completely forgot about the time and were able to focus on the right saws to get.”

The next morning, Johnson needed a trailer to haul back the supplies, so he went to Gluckstadt Trailers. There, he was given the last trailer in stock, at a military discount. Next was Lowe’s Home Improvement. 

“We went to Lowe’s to get stuff like generators, extension cords, and gas cans,” he said. “The associate there was so helpful and he stayed by our side all the way up until everything was loaded into the car.”

The last stop of the trip was Sam’s Club for gas, and it was there that Johnson met two different people while pumping gas that contributed money and gas. 

That’s when Johnson was at an intersection and the truly unexpected happened when the man jumped out of his truck.

Johnson and his family made it back to Louisiana safely and were able to deliver the supplies to the Longville and Ragley communities. 

“I can’t praise Madison enough,” Johnson said. “This city really showed us the spirit of America, and how we depend on one another during hard times.” 

Johnson also noted that First Baptist Longville Church was completely destroyed during the storm, and if someone wants to donate to help rebuild, the donation page can be found at www.firstlongville.com. 

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