Madison man using robots to kill COVID


MADISON — A company here is using robotics to bring new cutting-edge technology with advanced ways to battle the coronavirus. 

Tony Gines of UVC CDE Sanitation Services has partnered with UVD Robots Infection Prevention. 

Gines says UVC prides themselves in providing customers with a one-stop shop for hospital-grade ultraviolet-C products that have been peer-reviewed, clinically validated and approved and have a range of efficiency of destroying all pathogens like COVID-19 at a rate of 99.9% to 99.999%. 

The UVD Robot has been destroying viruses at a success rate of 99.99% since 2018. The award-winning equipment uses a proven method of ultraviolet-C robotic technology that deactivates harmful pathogens in both airborne and surface environments, and has even sold units internationally to countries such as China. 

Gines noted the unique thing about this technology is that it’s not just for getting rid of COVID. He said hospitals are using the technology to sterilize for all sorts of different pathogens you normally deal with at hospitals. Once the robot has done its job, it can be taken back and charged again for future use.

The technology is also more affordable for the general population. Whether it’s in homes or hospitals, it can be used without having to spray a bunch of chemicals. 

The robot, within around 15 minutes, was able to sanitize a 3,000 square foot space. Gines said it takes just around a minute to kill the COVID virus in a 400 square foot space at that rate, and stressed that you can’t find something like this in a normal store. 

“You can order the robots from us, or you can call us to come and bring the technology out to you and clean,” he said. “It’s a much faster and more efficient process. It can destroy airborne viruses and viruses on surfaces.” 

Gines said that along with UVC light being more effective than chemicals, it’s also safer to use and will not penetrate the skin. 

Gines continued by saying ultraviolet-C lighting has been the only product on the market which has consistently proven itself to kill the DNA/RNA of all pathogens and stopping the virus from replicating itself. Furthermore, it’s safe to enter a room or space immediately after using it with no effects on the lungs or surfaces. If chemicals were used to sanitize, people would have to wait for them to dissipate before safely entering the room again. 

Jackson State University is a recent organization to purchase from UVC CDE Sanitation. The academic institution made this purchase from Gines and his company to protect the students, fans, and participants at athletic events. 

JSU Vice President and Director of Athletics Ashley Robinson said the health and safety of their student athletes is their highest priority. 

“We are grateful to be working with Tony Gines to use his ultraviolet technology to disinfect the athletics facilities at Jackson State,” Robinson said. 

The robotic technology can be programmed and safely activated so that public and private spaces can be disinfected after each use. The robots can go through rooms at a rate of around two meters per second, and it will kill viruses in the air and on surfaces in a small space in around 30 seconds. It does this by shining the ultraviolet light around the room, killing pathogens in the air and on any surface. The robots can also be used after hours as well. 

The average cost of a stationary unit is between $15,000 and $35,000 (recommended for an average-sized household) and a fully mobile autonomous robot that can drive around a space can cost between $65,000 and $100,000 (recommended for a much larger space such as a hospital). 

Visit for more information about purchases and sanitation appointments.

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