Amazon ready to break ground at R’land sites

Amazon ready to break ground at R’land sites


RIDGELAND—Dirt work is starting on at least four data centers in Madison County, part of Amazon’s $10 billion investment.

Public Works Director Alan Hart said Amazon is prepared to “move a whole bunch of dirt” after aldermen unanimously approved a site plan review on Tuesday.

The Amazon Web Services data centers in Ridgeland will be built off the Highland Colony Parkway at County Line Road across from the new Southern Beverage facility. 

Hart said this phase of the project represents four proposed data centers.

Developers have already begun clearing trees on the site. Hart said the project is in the early phases of dirt work and that could continue through the summer.

Hopefully, Hart said, Amazon would bring elevation plans for the project before the alderman this summer and follow that up with actual plans for Architectural Review to consider.

Mayor Gene F. McGee is excited to see the center move forward and noted its “unbelievable quality.” He hopes to see construction begin next year.

“Once they get moving, they move in a hurry,” McGee said.

The construction is part of a $10 billion investment  Amazon announced in January to build AWS centers in Madison County, bringing about 1,000 jobs.

The other data centers will be at the Madison County MegaSite. Local and state dignitaries attended a ground-breaking ceremony for that project on May 20.

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker recently called the project “a gargantuan effort which will create numerous jobs, stimulate growth, and attract more new business.”

Wicker said the investment could lead to as many as 16 buildings going up in the county.

“Everyone in the state has a reason to celebrate this development,’ Wicker said. “Investment is like a rock tossed into a pond, creating a series of positive ripple effects. Because of this work, our schools will improve, our workforce will have an increased skill set, and our standard of living is expected to rise. Best of all, this investment could lead to more just like it.”

Hart said that locally, the AWS investment will have “long-term effects,” including tax revenue and jobs.

The investment is bringing other benefits to Ridgeland, including an Entergy substation to support the proposed AWS buildings and a new fire station to cover the area.

Hart said the fire station will be built using funds from the $215.1 million Madison County will borrow from the state.

The station is currently in its design phase and Hart said if everything goes smoothly it could be open in as little as two years.

The proposed station will be located on Livingston Road and will feature a training facility. This will be the city’s fifth fire station.

Hart said the station could improve the city’s fire rating significantly which specifically helps with insurance premiums. 

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