City project lighting streets

City project lighting streets


Entergy crews installed street lights along Gluckstadt Road this week as the first of three lighting projects they have slated for the city.

The three projects involve installing LED lights throughout the city, according to Candace Coleman, a spokesman for Entergy Mississippi. She said Entergy is working to bring more lights to the city that is “still very new.”

Entergy worked to install 20 LED lights on existing polls to help illuminate the roadway from Gluckstadt Road to Industrial Drive over the past week.

Coleman said the project started on Thursday, Aug. 17. She said Entergy expected to wrap up the project on Wednesday, Aug. 23.

The next project will light the entrance to the Ridgefield subdivision. She said that the project will be able to move forward shortly after the Gluckstadt Road lighting project is complete.

The third project remains in the planning and engineering phase but will center around the intersection of Church Road and Highway 51, Coleman said.

Gluckstadt Police noted on social media that the southernmost lane of Gluckstadt Road was closed for a portion of the project. 

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