Germantown Village set to open in mid-2024

Germantown Village set to open in mid-2024


Germantown Village is on schedule to open in the middle of 2024, developers say.

“This development is a positive generator of activity for the community,” said Scott Sledge, vice president at Bellamare Development. “Not only for residents and visitors, but the entire metro area will benefit from this. It all develops into the spirit of Gluckstadt and its German heritage.” 

Bellamare Development is leading the Germantown Village project, which began in the fourth quarter of 2022. Phase I will include two hotels, Springhill Suites and Home 2 Suites, retail stores, and a Chevron gas station.

Sledge said Phase II, which will include a mixed-use city center with an entertainment venue, restaurant, and additional shops, will begin later in 2024. 

“We want it to serve as a community hub by creating a space for hospitality, retail, commercial offerings, and things that are relevant to visitors and citizens of Gluckstadt,” Sledge said. “The project is inspired by Gluckstadt’s German heritage and will make retail and entertainment closer to home.” 

Germantown Village is planned to be around 30 acres and will be located between Calhoun Station Parkway and I-55. 

Sledge said Phase I of the development plans to have three retail centers (some target businesses include a nail salon, dry cleaners, floral shop, or wine shop), and the Chevron station. Sledge noted these businesses should be complete by this summer. 

Other additions to Phase I include a new location for Madison Motor Werks, which is relocating from their current facility in Gluckstadt, and a Tesla Supercharging Station. 

A Germantown Village website is coming soon, which will promote and show activities on the development as they arise. 

For more information about the project, visit, or visit the Germantown Village Facebook page.  

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