Ice & Vice mission supports foster children in community

Ice & Vice mission supports foster children in community


Ice & Vice owner Justin Harmon says part of their mission is to support children in foster care and young adults who have aged out of foster care. 

Ice and Vice offers a variety of cold treats (Ice) and caffeinated drinks (Vice), according to their website. They are family owned and operated. They offer a variety of 16 different types of gelato, froyo and soft serve ice cream in their store.

“We saw a need for kids who are 18 years or older graduating and leaving foster care grounds that have nowhere to go and didn’t have a lot of work experience,” Harmon said. “My wife Sarah and I thought it would be good to bring them in and train them, and when they leave here, they can have us as a reference point and their next employer can call us.” 

Ice & Vice, 1022 Highway 51 Suite 500, held a formal ribbon cutting on Jan. 23, even though the shop has been open since March 2020. Opening the shop during the pandemic impacted when the city was able to hold a ribbon-cutting event. 

Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler attended the event along with aldermen Guy Bowering, Pat Peeler, Alderman-at-Large Sandra Strain, members of the Madison Police Department, city officials, and representatives from local businesses. 

“This is a great place for kids,” Hawkins-Butler said. “We know you’ll do well and we’ll do everything we can to support you and get the word out. God bless you.” 

Harmon said foster kids are employed at Ice and Vice mainly from Sunnybrook Children’s Home, but students from Madison Central and Madison-Ridgeland Academy also come to work as well. 

He said he originally opened the shop because he and his wife were looking for a side job along with their full-time work, as they themselves are foster parents. 

Ice and Vice offers a variety of frozen treats, including gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and snow cones, along with dozens of toppings. You can also find things like coffee and Lotus energy drinks. 

Harmon said people should choose Ice and Vice because they have a ton of flavors to choose from and there are options for people with food allergies. 

“We have board games in the front and arcade games in the back,” Harmon said. “We have plenty of seating as well. A lot of yogurt shops are very small and you are in and out, but here you can sit down and actually play games.” 

Visit for more information or call them at (769) 257-9952. 

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