‘Lucky City’ turning 2

‘Lucky City’ turning 2


The Lucky City is approaching its second anniversary on June 6, and Mayor Walter Morrison said he couldn’t be more optimistic about the city’s future. 

“Two years ago, I never dreamed the city would be as far along as it is today,” Morrison said. “Everything we’ve accomplished since then is due to a very fine staff of people working very hard every day. We are much further along than I ever thought we would be.” 

Morrison said he is most proud of the staff the city has assembled. 

“We have tremendous people from top to bottom in every department,” he said. “I also think we’ve been able to put together a basic skeleton for the city and we’re developing carious departments, including public works, which is ahead of schedule. I’m looking forward to continuing what we’ve always done, but even better. Next year I think we’ll have our public works department out of city hall on its own property.” 

He said the biggest challenge of getting the city on track is learning the ins and outs of government and running a city with a small amount of prior experience. 

“Before becoming mayor I had no experience in government,” Morrison said. “However, it has been a real joy and pleasure working with the people here. We have a tremendous board, great staff, and the future is bright.” 

Gluckstadt officially became a city on June 6, 2021, and Secretary of State Michael Watson held a commission certificate signing ceremony with city officials on June 9, 2021, to officially recognize the city. 

Gluckstadt City Hall opened on June 6 to celebrate the city’s first anniversary, and state officials such as Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann attended the event, along with State Rep. Jill Ford of Madison

Alderman Lisa Williams said the first two years for the city have gone by fast. 

“After the courts gave the citizens a positive ruling in May 2021, the Mayor and Board conducted our first historic meeting on June 22, 2021,” Williams said. “That ruling allowed the current mayor and board to be appointed and serve the first four years for the city. In June 2021, the room was full and will forever be a special day for Gluckstadt.”

Williams said City Clerk Lindsay Kellum was the first official city employee, and after that, the city was off and running. 

She said the city has walked into many “firsts,” such as office supplies, the first copy machine, process payment of first invoices, creating the first city website, and new phone app. 

“The employees interacting with the citizens of the city and community are doing their part to make us what we are today,” Williams said. 

“We are coming up on the third year of official business, and based on projections shared in our trial, the city is one year ahead of providing the required services to the city businesses and residents. 

“The public works department and adding those first employees has been the most recent process as of today.” 

Williams said she is grateful for the legal team and planner, who has been part of the process since spring 2016. 

“The mayor, fellow board members, office staff, planning and zoning department, police department, city court clerks and city judges have brought us to this point as we pass the two year anniversary in the City of Gluckstadt,” Williams said. 

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