Madison issues golf cart rules reminder

Madison issues golf cart rules reminder


No updates have been made available in connection to an incident with a golf cart that sent a female pedestrian to the hospital last week in the Grayhawk neighborhood, the authorities said.

“This case is under investigation,” Madison County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Heath Hall said.

Hall said the incident was reported to the MCSO on Wednesday, May 24, at 11:02 a.m. Hall said the Sheriff’s office has no further updates at this time.

Hall said the woman was struck by the golf cart at the intersection of Grayhawk Drive and Wingspan Way. 

The woman was airlifted to a Jackson hospital.

Hall confirmed that the driver of the golf cart was a juvenile.

This prompted Madison the City police to issue a reminder on rules inside the city limits with regards to golf cart use.

Capt. Kevin Newman said the department wants to remind residents, especially underaged drivers, that golf carts are not supposed to be operated by someone without a state-issued driver’s license. 

“We want to get across to parents that their kids are not allowed to operate golf carts unless they have a license and meet the insurance requirements of the vehicle, and if they are within the authorized neighborhoods, which include Annandale, Reunion, Northbay, and Summertree,” Newman said.  

In 2017, Mississippi Legislature passed House Bill 1754, which allowed authorization of the use of golf carts on public roads and streets. Gov. Phil Bryant signed the bill into law. 

The Madison Board of Alderman referenced this law and passed a resolution in 2018 to adopt an ordinance designating approved neighborhoods to allow operation of golf carts on public streets, and established conditions and restrictions for all golf cart drivers. 

According to the resolution, the authority to authorize the use of golf carts is limited to subdivided residential neighborhoods (Annandale, Reunion, and Northbay, and most recently, Summertree). 

Golf carts may only be operated on public and private roads and streets that are located within these designated residential neighborhoods. The term “golf cart” is limited to a powered motor vehicle that is designed and manufactured to operate on a golf course for sporting and recreational purposes, and does not exceed 20 miles per hour. 

Additionally, golf carts may only be operated by someone holding a valid State of Mississippi driver’s license, and any golf cart operated from dusk until dawn must have working headlights and tail lights. 

Golf carts are not allowed to pull any object or person and all occupants must be in a seat and remain seated at all times while the golf cart is in operation. Golf cart owners operating their vehicles under the current resolution must also have in full force and effect bodily injury liability coverage no less than $25,000 per person and $50,000 per occurrence. 

Violation of traffic laws or regulations of the ordinance may result in traffic citations in the same manner as a citation issued while driving a normal car. Operation of ATVs, Sport ATVs, Utility ATVs, and side by sides on public streets is also prohibited. 

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