Physical therapy clinic specializes in baseball injuries

Physical therapy clinic specializes in baseball injuries


GLUCKSTADT — A physical therapy clinic specializing in baseball players hopes to bring precise, data-based training and therapy to athletes, owner Bill Thomas says.

Thomas brings his 10 years of physical therapy experience to the Lucky City with PTS-Physical Therapy Solutions. 

They are located in the back of a group of buildings at 316 Old Jackson Road and opened on Dec. 18. They also have a location in Madison.

While Thomas does treat patients prescribed to him for pain, he also works on athletes of all varieties to improve their mechanics and prevent injury.

“We see a lot of athletes with elbow and shoulder pain,” Thomas said. “We offer a number of ways for these athletes to keep healthy.”

He has developed a specialty in working with baseball players. He says he has probably worked with 2,000 pitchers in the past eight years alone, but he works with athletes in multiple sports.

Thomas even has regular sessions with the Germantown High School and Madison Central High School baseball teams.

He uses several devices that measure several metrics including speed and vertical leap as well as a host of sensors that can be attached to balls or bats or the athletes themselves.

But the device that sets him apart is the Proteus a machine that can measure several dimensions like the speed and power of hundreds of movements and compare them to others in the patient's age range.

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