C Spire launches new multi-gig home plan

C Spire launches new multi-gig home plan


C Spire, a diversified telecommunications and technology services company, is rapidly expanding its fiber infrastructure by rolling out multi-gig service offering up to 2 and 8 gig internet options for residential customers. These faster options are available for new and existing customers with faster internet usage needs.

Price for 2 gigs is $115 per month and 8 gigs is $350 per month. Both plans include two smart Wi-Fi devices. This enhanced gigabit technology will revolutionize the availability of ultra-fast speeds, by delivering multigigabit symmetrical services over the connections already installed, resulting in a huge improvement for C Spire customers.

“We are excited to offer our customers the benefits of multi-gig fiber that will deliver up to 2 and 8 gigs,” said Jake Cohen, senior vice president and general manager for C Spire. “C Spire is committed to continually enhancing our cutting-edge network to deliver the fastest speeds, equipping customers for the future.”

Existing and prospective customers should use the check address tool while existing customers should use MMA online to ensure multi-gig plans are available for their homes. To learn more about multi-gig fiber plans, visit www.cspire.com/fiber.

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